Say Thanks everyday with Azasu.

Azasu is a gratitude journal that allows you write a sentence a day, reminding you to be thankful of everything you have.

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A sentence a day

Running the rat race makes day to day seem like a blur. We often forget what it means to be human and often ignore all the great things happening in our lives. Our goal is to make it easy for you to keep a memoir of things you are grateful for everyday. All it takes is a single sentence a day to remind of the things that matters most.


Revisit your memories

Our beautifully designed app allows you to quickly scan through your daily entries to relive your favourite moments. 

Keep it private

Your memories should be kept private and away from prying eyes. As we understand your need for privacy, we have designed the app with security in mind keeping all your most precious moments securely stored.



  • Simple & elegantly designed
  • A single entry for each day keeping your most precious memory
  • Ability to add a photo to each entry
  • All entries kept only on your phone boosting privacy
  • Set a password to protect from prying eyes
  • Anti-social media built in preventing anyone from accessing your precious memories
  • Quickly and easily view your past entries with our simple entry feeds
  • Built in smart search function so that you can quickly locate an old memory
  • Calendar entry system so that you back date an entry or find entries by date

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